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Promotions & Advancement

Cadet Airmen (C/E-1 through C/E-4)

  • Cadet Airman Basic (C/E-1)

  • Cadet Airman (C/E-2)

  • Cadet Airman First Class (C/E-3)

  • Cadet Senior Airman (C/E-4)

Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers (C/E-5 through C/E-9)

  • Junior Cadet NCOs:

    • Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/E-5) — Wright Brothers Milestone

    • Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/E-6)

  • Senior Cadet NCOs:

    • Cadet Master Sergeant (C/E-7)

    • Cadet Senior Master Sergeant (C/E-8)

    • Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/E-9)

Cadet Officers (C/O-1 through C/O-6)

  • Company-grade cadet officers: 

    • Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/O-1) — Mitchell Milestone

    • Cadet First Lieutenant (C/O-2)

    • Cadet Captain (C/O-3) — Earhart Milestone

  • Field-grade cadet officers:

    • Cadet Major (C/O-4)

    • Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (C/O-5) — Eaker Milestone

    • Cadet Colonel (C/O-6) — Spaatz Award


NOTE:  Civil Air Patrol distinguishes cadets by "Phases" to differentiate the leadership expectations and promotion eligibility requirements for cadets based on their respective grade. Cadet Phases are categorized as follows: 

  • Phase 1:  Up to Cadet Staff Sergeant

  • Phase 2:  Up to Cadet Second Lieutenant

  • Phase 3:  Up to Cadet Captain

  • Phase 4:  Up to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (*Cadet Colonel is a special promotion requirement with its own criteria)


Refer to the Cadet Super Chart (Civil Air Patrol Visual Aid 60-100) for more details regarding cadet grades and expectations. 

Click for more information regarding accelerated promotions. 

Click for more information regarding Cadet Testing. 


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