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Field Training Exercise

What is the FTX?

Each year, cadets from various squadrons gather to conduct a weekend of training to challenge them in their expertise in subject matter taught over the past year in a variety of leadership exercises. The FTX allows cadets the chance to experience a tactical learning environment that may not be conducive to the normal weekly training atmosphere. 

Cadet-led staff

The FTX is overseen by senior-ranking, advanced cadets who serve as the primary directors and coordinators of the training weekend. These cadets are honing their skills at planning major activity events and mentoring a subordinate group of trainees who will, someday, advance and replace their predecessors. 


Simulated operational environment

The FTX takes cadets away from the comforts of modern urbana and places them into a military-like deployment environment to simulate vast operational challenges. During the training weekend, cadets will engage in a series of missions to apply their skills in search and rescue, reconnaissance, night operations, and first aid. Selected staff will spend much of the weekend maintaining a headquarters operations center, orchestrating the planning and oversight of field operations, while the majority of trainees will be assigned to tactical field units. 


First-time attendees

The FTX can be an overwhelming environment for newcomers as this is often the first "camping-like" experience for many cadets since attendees will spend two nights sleeping in tents. First-timers should ensure that boots are broken in prior to attending to avoid foot-related injuries, such as blistering. Cadets will also need to arrange to have a camping tent to use, whether self-owned or borrowed. 

Attendees will be supplied with field equipment, including water canteens, compasses, flashlights, and other necessary items to adequately conduct the training exercises. Meals are provided for the duration of the weekend. 

Attending the FTX is free-of-charge for participants. 

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