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Computer Science and Cyber

Civil Air Patrol encourages members to engage in the field of computer science and cyberspace through participation in the CyberPatriot competition, including classroom and hands-on activities in cyber-security and computer systems.

Cadets who participate in CyberPatriot are eligible to be awarded Cyber Badges of varying levels based on each cadet's contributions to Cyber programming.

For more information, refer to CAP Pamphlet 60-41 Cyber and STEM Recognition Programs


Award Criteria

Basic Cyber Badge

     (1)  Complete Achievement 1 of the Cadet Program

     (2)  Complete required activities from the CAP Introduction to Cyber Security Activity Guide.

     (3)  Participate in the CyberPatriot competition

     (4)  Write a career dossier on a cyber-related occupation


Intermediate Cyber Badge

     (1)  Earn the Basic Cyber Badge

     (2)  Earn the Wright Brothers Award

     (3)  Participate in the CyberPatriot competition as a team leader or mentor.

     (4)  Complete the Cisco Networking Academy "Intro to Cybersecurity" and "Cybersecurity Essentials" courses.

     (5)  Write a second career dossier on a cyber-related occupation


Advanced Cyber Badge

     (1)  Earn the Intermediate Cyber Badge

     (2)  Earn the Mitchell Award

     (3)  Complete 30 contact hours as a tutor, assistant coach, or instructor for a CyberPatriot team.

     (4)  Complete a high school (or higher) course in computer science, information assurance, or cyber security OR obtain an industry-standard information security certification.

     (5)  Provide at least ten hours' IT service to CAP or another organization by managing a website, local access network, or unit help desk OR design an application, administer Moodle courseware or other learning management system, or complete a project of similar scope and complexity.

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