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Cadet Activities

Training Activities

The squadron's Cadet Detachment (or C-DET) serves as the basis for cadet training and education, to include a curriculum on aerospace education, leadership and character development, and a variety of emergency management and field operations skills such as map reading, land navigation, and first aid, among others.


Advancement Requirements

Cadets are required to conduct online testing on a monthly cycle, consisting of short quizzes (approximately 25-30 questions) in order to enhance their knowledge of cadet training principles and advance in the program. More senior cadets may be required to complete additional coursework such as writing short essays as part of the curriculum. As cadets advance, they may take on a variety of jobs within the Cadet Detachment which further develops their roles and responsibilities as staff members such as command level positions and operations leaders.

Cadets are also required to meet physical fitness standards specified for each cadet’s age, gender, and level of advancement within the program. Cadets may only opt out of fitness testing with a medical waiver. Some activities may require a level of physical performance depending on the nature of the activity.


Active Participation in Unit Activities

Training meetings are held weekly with attendance expected of each cadet each week unless an absence is excused.

Most "weekend activities" (those outside of the typical weekly meeting), are optional; however, as cadets advance through the program (i.e., take on a staff role), they may be expected to participate more frequently due to their role in overseeing junior cadets and/or learning more advanced subject matter which may be taught outside of the weekly training schedule. 

Click here to learn more about the unit's Attendance Policy for cadets. 


Cadet Opportunities

Civil Air Patrol cadets may elect to participate in a number of activities outside of the scope of weekly meetings. These may include, but are not limited to:


Military Cooperation

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is an affiliate of the U.S. Air Force through funding and training opportunities only. Cadets are not required to enter into any military service upon graduation from high school.

Many cadets, however, find Civil Air Patrol as guidance to pursuing a civilian or military career, whether attending college, a military service academy, or entering the workforce.

The military also regularly supports CAP by offering flight opportunities aboard military aircraft at no cost to CAP members. 

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