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Basic Cadet Training | New Cadets

Class Training Dates (Fall 2023)
Thursdays, 7:00-8:30pm

September 28 – Start of Training
October 05
October 12 (Fitness Test)
October 19
October 26
November 02
November 09 (Fitness Test)
November 16 - Graduation

*Saturday, October 21 will be a Field Training Day. Cadets should plan to attend from morning through mid-afternoon (approximately 10am-3pm). 

Contact Us about Joining


No later than September 21, 2023.
*All paperwork and fees must be turned in/paid. 

Applicants must meet the Eligibility Criteria in order to start training on September 29.


$40 to the Civil Air Patrol Ohio Wing (Credit Card for online applications)


Uniforms & Equipment
Issued Items: 
Each cadet will receive a quart-sized water canteen at the start of training. Canteens are the property of the cadets, who will be required to bring it (filled with water) to each training meeting and ensure its care (i.e., safekeeping and cleanliness).

Upon joining CAP, cadets are asked to provide a statement of Financial Need which will assist in covering the cost of uniforms. Cadets are eligible to receive assistance to provide $175, $125, or $75 if opting in for uniform assistance.

The unit will provide cadets with the the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU), the common cadet field uniform which is worn for most activities. Cadets will need to purchase their own Service Uniform (A.K.A. "Blues") if the squadron cannot provide uniform supplies. More details on these uniforms can be found by visiting the official Civil Air Patrol Uniform Information web page.

Rank insignia and ribbons are provided by the unit upon promotion.

*Cadets may be required to turn in unit-issued items upon leaving the Cadet Program or transferring to another unit.

*Only black or matching camouflage backpacks are authorized for wear with uniforms. Non-uniform backpacks must be carried by hand. Cadets are not required to possess a backpack; however, it is highly encouraged for future training activities.


Haircuts and Grooming: 
Male cadets are required to be clean-shaven (mustaches are authorized; no beards) and wear a military-style haircut (e.g., buzz cut, high-and-tight, etc.). Female cadets must maintain military-style hair forms when in uniform (e.g., hair in a bun if exceeding shoulder-length).


The goal of Basic Cadet Training is to prepare new cadets for advancement in the Cadet Program, instructing them on the basic information and general knowledge expected of cadets. This includes an overview of testing processes and promotion requirements. Upon graduation, cadets will be promoted to the grade of Cadet Airman (C/E-1).

During training, cadets will test in Leadership (written exam) and Drill & Ceremony (practical exam). Cadets must successfully pass both exams in order to promote upon graduation.

All cadets will conduct regular physical training to prepare them for the Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) which will evaluate cadets’ cardio-aerobic and muscular endurance. Testing includes:

  • Push-ups

  • Curl-ups

  • 1-mile run

  • Jog/sprint measure (A.K.A. “PACER Challenge”)

  • Sit-and-reach (flexibility)

Cadets in Basic Cadet Training are not required to pass the CPFT to advance, but must attempt the CPFT in order to promote. Future promotions will require passing the CPFT.


After Graduation:
Testing during Basic Cadet Training will be scheduled and provided to each cadet to ensure the maximum opportunity to graduate and promote upon the completion of the training course. After Basic Cadet Training, cadets will be responsible for conducting online testing outside of the weekly meeting on their own, as well as scheduling drill testing through the Cadet Staff to be conducted at upcoming meetings. Cadets who do not take the initiative to complete testing on their own or schedule testing as required will struggle to advance after Basic Cadet Training.

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